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EUKARI (2022)

Price: 25.000 DKR + travel / accommodation for 2 shows per day

Audience capacity: 45 per show

Length: 40-50 minutes

EUKARI is the Communion of Power. A metaphor for the shame that arises when those we eat in front of, are those whose bread we have consumed - a symbol of the post-pandemic, enlightened human anxiety, where the inequality of the world has been drawn up in new definitions.

EUKARI is a performative ritual for 2 dancers and their audience. A place where power is the new religion and the stage an altar of abundance.


"Not knowing what to expect from EUKARI, I was confused at first, felt drawn into a discomfort that was then released in the most beautiful way, allowing the audience to become part of the piece and experiencing the power of connecting with the dancers and with each other.”

Anna, 30, R&D Engineer

I TID (2021)

Price: 27.500 DKR + travel and accomodation 

Price not including hire of cinema projector

Length: 50 minutes 


I TID (In Time) is a collaboration between dance performance and film. The show follows the main charactor AVA, who attempts to escape her existance in the black void of the black box. 

On her journey she encounters versions of herself before arriving in an inverted version of the world in which she lives. 

"Har set forestillingen og den er fantastisk -Super spændende og flot opsætning som giver en vidunderlig oplevelse. Den får 5 ud af 5 hjerter fra mig"


- Mette

“Var inde og besøge Dansekapellet igår aftes, og overværede en helt igennem fantastisk forestilling "I TID", skynd jer at se den inden det er for sent!" 

- Peter

"I TID er igang med at lagre sig i mit system. 

Smukt, Rørende, Nærværende, Råt, Såbart

Tak for en fantastisk forestilling" 

- Mie 


Price: 50.000 DKR + travel and accomodation 

Price including hire of scenography (20.000 DKR) 

Length: 40 minutes 

Echoes of Spring is currently only available as a co-production. Total price including 2 weeks of rehearsals 110.000 DKR.